The Story

Lost Laundry emerged as a fusion of artistry and urban expression, weaving together a style that is as versatile as it is authentic.

This brand is a testament to the belief that true innovation emerges at the crossroads of diverse influences, creating a fresh, bold, and individualistic statement.

Originally Nestled in the heart of NYC, with the roots of an Italian family, a unique perspective on life and culture was cultivated. From the crowded streets of Little Italy, the aromatic corners of Chinatown, to Staten Island and Bensonhurst, this upbringing was an inspiration of diversity.  

Eventually juxtaposed from NYC to Miami, has woven a narrative with contrast and experience. Each night spent under the neon lights of South Beach, and every stroll through the open-air art gallery that is Wynwood's streetscape has added inspiration.

But it was not just the cities that shaped our journey; bold, unapologetic 90s/2000s hip-hop, the audacity of BMX, and the creativity of skate culture have also played an integral role. These influences have woven a narrative that pays homage to an era of individuality, rebellion, and the relentless pursuit of self-expression.

At the heart of our brand's mission lies a purpose as bold and diverse as all that has inspired us. We are driven to create unique pieces that bridge the worlds of streetwear and fashion.

Our vision is clear: to cater to both the discerning luxury aficionado and the street-wear connoisseur, offering a collection that blends the best of both worlds.

Our designs are not confined to any single occasion; they are meant for versatility, embracing the daily hustle and special moments alike. 

Lost Laundry is a testament to the power of multicultural influence, paying tribute to the roots that underpin it, while embracing the edgy, creative spirit that continues to drive it forward.